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Ducks, Fish, and More at Pymatuning Spillway in Linesville, Pennsylvania

A Popular Pennsylvania Tourist Attraction Located near a small, quaint town, known as Linesville, Pennyslvania, the Pymatuning Spillway is one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Pennsylvania. What some people refer to as the place where "the ducks walk on top of the fish", is a huge hit amongst many travellers. Pymatuning Spillway is great for a quick stop for those looking to enjoy a beautiful scenery, or for those looking to entertain the family for cheap.

The spillway, located along the great Pymatuning Lake and in a designated area of the famous Pymatuning State Park is usually swarmed with a large audience waiting to view the amazing carp and various species of ducks and birds. There are thousands upon thousands of carp on the surface of the waters, not leaving much room for breathing space. It is a scenery you will never find in your typical lake, river, or ocean. Amongst the carp, it is not unusual to see several ducks scurrying on top of the carp, struggling to reach a particular destination. You don't have to be a fisher, or a duck enthusiast, to enjoy Pymatuning Spillway.

With several areas open to the public, you can feed the carp and ducks. I'd like to say there is enough food to go around, however, this is not the case. With thousands of wide mouth carp waiting for dinner, the feeding frenzy never ends. The fish are always waiting for more and welcoming the hand that feeds them.

At the spillway, you are allowed to feed the animals bread. You can choose to bring you own or for a cheap price, or you can buy stale buns and bread from designated areas, for about fifty cents a loaf or pack. The area is well fenced in which allows children to safely feed the ravenous fish and ducks. Don't be surprised if you are surrounded by birds, gulls, or pigeons as well, waiting to get their cut.

All in all, If you want to spend the day at the spillway, the fun doesn't end in the main feeding area. There are several pavilions and picnic tables surrounding this attraction which can be enjoyed, whether you pack your own picnic lunch or visit the local snack stand. There are also designated areas nearby where you can bait up those fishing poles in hopes of catching a fish or two. You can also take stroll around part of Pymatuning State Park for a scenic overview, as well. Just make sure you have your camera handy, because what you will see at Pymatuning Spillway is definitely something out of the ordinary, and sure to be a place to revisit if your are ever in or around the area, again.
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